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Dec 1, 2016 - HK News: More women being recruited as drug mules’

(Hard copy here and here)

October 21, 2016: OFW in mailed drugs case freed

Sep 6, 2016: 30 year old woman arrested at HK airport:
$3.9M cocaine shipment intercepted from Manila

Maybe the woman was sent by one Chris Williams in Manila - as in this case

August 17, 2016   How Filipinas are being tricked by Drug Lords ... and by other Filipinas!

March 18, 2016: The story of Christine Aquino

Dec 22, 2015: Filipina drug mule carried HK$1.77m worth of cocaine to HK while pregnant, jailed for 14 years

2013-07-28: Two Filipino women arrested at HK airport - drugs in luggage

March 30, 20111: Three Filipino drug mules executed in China
(for more info, Google: Filipinos executed China)

March 20: HK Filipina gets 11 years for drug trafficking

Facebook page of a Filipino inmate in prison in Hong Kong - warning people about the danger of drug trafficking