August 17, 2016   How Filipinas are being tricked by Drug Lords ... and by other Filipinas!


Susan (not real name) was chatted up on a dating site by an African (or "half-African") using the name Chris Williams. After meetings over several months, Susan agreed to go with Chris to Hong Kong for a holiday. Chris would pay for everything. But just before they were due to travel from Manila, Chris said "I have some urgent business. You go today. I'll go tomorrow". Susan agreed. She also trustingly agreed to carry a shoulder bag for Chris.
Susan was arrested on arrival at HK airport - the shoulder bag contained 700 grams of cocaine. Susan had no idea the bag contained drugs. She had been tricked by Chris. She now faces about 10 years in prison after "cuts".


Maria (not real name) was recruited to work in HK as a domestic helper, but her Pakistan employer used her in the office of his exporting business ... where she came to know another (chubby) Filipina ....Rose (real name) who introduced Maria to "Network", Rose's Nigerian boyfriend who hangs out at Mirador Mansion and at K-11 (just behind Mirador). Network arranged for Maria (who had financial problems) to make several trips, including one to Thailand (where Maria found temporary employment). All the while Rose and Network were pressuring Maria to go to Brazil and bring "something" back to HK.  Maria was told Rose and her sister (employed by dummy employers) had made several trips. So Maria agreed. She went to Brazil, collected the parcel, went back to Philippines for two weeks, and thought that the parcel was ok since it had cleared Brazil, Manila and Cebu airports. Maria was arrested on arrival at HK airport. She faces about 10 years in prison after "cuts".