Letters from Filipino inmates in prison in Hong Kong & other items - 2016

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Dec 6: Letter from a Filipina in prison in HK for drug trafficking ... serving a 10 year sentence:

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November 19: 
The story of "Frank Ukadike", real name as on false passport: Urbain Azowou(z?), a Nigerian Drug Lord operating in HK. How he tricked a local Filipina domestic worker

Good News update: this dear woman was acquitted on March 31, 2017. Thank you Jesus!

October 21: OFW in mailed drugs case freed

A Filipina domestic helper jailed four months ago for accepting a gift containing cocaine from her Nigerian boyfriend was freed Oct. 20 after prosecutors dropped a drug trafficking case against her.

October 5 - Letter from a Filipina in detention in HK for drug trafficking, after being "tricked" into carrying something for a friend

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September 17 Letter from a Filipina in Brazil - describing how she was coerced by her Tanzanian partner & his Filipina accomplice to take drugs to Hong Kong.

September 10: Letter from a Filipina in detention in HK, facing a charge of drug trafficking - how she was tricked by Nora Noora  (photo of Nora Noora below, Aug 30)

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August 30: Letter from a Filipina in detention in Hong Kong, facing a charge of drug trafficking - how she was tricked by Nora Noora:

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Nora Noora:  2016-08-30-Nora-Noora-01.jpg (191220 bytes)  2016-11-02-Nora-Noora.jpg (231699 bytes)

c.f. her Facebook pages:  https://www.facebook.com/norz.noora.7/about  and https://www.youtube.com/user/prettynorzkie 


c.f. Letter of August 18, below ...same Nigerian Gang

August 21: Letter from a Macau Filipina in prison in HK for drug trafficking, how she was tricked by another Macau Filipina - Jennifer Seibert Barlolong (photo below) to bring drugs from Dubai to Hong Kong

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Support letter from the inmate's son

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Resume (from internet) of Jennifer Seibert Barlolong. Has she sent others to Dubai? I have a copy of her passport if authorities would like to use it. 

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Update Oct 6, 2016: Jennifer cannot be located in the Philippines. It is thought she may be using a second Philippines passport ...with different name (..false passports easy to get in Philippines). Also thought she might be in Hong Kong where she has/had a house

Update Oct 11, 2016: I'm led to believe Jennifer is a police/Customs informer in Hong Kong. If this info is correct, it might explain why the authorities are "unable" to arrest her? 
But this raises a further question: why are the authorities in partnership with people like Jennifer in the entrapment of innocent people???  (c.f. story of Esther ... HK Customs in partnership with know drug lord)

Update Nov 11, 2016:  Jennifer was seen in Macau at the end of October. 

Aug 18  How a vulnerable woman in the Philippines was befriended and then deceived by a Nigerian man, "Chris Williams" (aka "Chris Weed"). He chatted her up on a dating site (Twoo). Philiippine Consulate in HK has his photo.

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Chris Williams is a nephew of " Rufus Katumba", real name Amuu Russia Ifenedero (?), arrested in Philippines in October 2015 after being tagged as the recruiter of four Filipinas arrested in Hong Kong early October 2015
Reports say he is a Ugandan national, but I think he is a Nigerian using a Ugandan passport (... a common strategy...). Photos of Rufus.
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Media reports about "Rufus" and women tricked by his gang:
2015-10-08-Philippines-media-Rufus-Katumba-01.jpg (284948 bytes)   2015-10-08-Philippines-media-Rufus-Katumba-02.jpg (258374 bytes)  2015-10-08-Philippines-media-Rufus-Katumba-03.jpg (222410 bytes)  2015-10-08-Philippines-media-Rufus-Katumba-04.jpg (333941 bytes) 

Philippines video news report - featuring Rufus and one of the victims. A second video report. And a third report

June 15 Letter from a Filipina in prison in HK for drug trafficking - how well known HK Nigerian Drug Lord "Network" and his Filipina girlfriend named "RJ" arranged for her to go from HK to San Paulo, Brazil and bring back to HK a parcel containing 3.7kg of cocaine.

 Network is a close friend of fellow Nigerian Drug Lord Nonso because of whom many people are in prison in HK. Network and Nonso hang out at K-11, behind Mirador Mansion. Nonso has an African bar on the 4/F of Mirador Mansion. The write of this letter has seen Esther at Frank's bar! 

"RJ" (Rose) has WeChat: Arj Marokay. Network's WeChat: Sunny Network.  
In San Paulo, the inmate stayed for 10 days at the Hotel Paes de Barros in Mooca.

HK Customs and police have all this information, but don't use it because Network and Nonso and Esther are informers.

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Feb 28  Letter by a Filipina in prison in Hong Kong for drug trafficking - one of the four mentioned in report above, Aug 18

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